Santorini wedding

Santorini wedding agency specializes in the preparation and organization of important events in your life, such as weddings (symbolic and formal) on the beautiful island of Santorini, which is a unique place for such an event. Additionally, we offer wonderful photo sessions, filled with wonderful light and breathtaking views. Our wedding agency Oniro will give everyone an opportunity to realize their dream of a brilliant wedding, chic and truly unforgettable. Tours for Lovers organizes a true celebration out of a wedding ceremony and the company’s specialists will help settle the formalities for which the newlyweds do not have time. With enlisting our services, a wedding ceremony is blended smooth into a romantic journey – which is not an easy endeavor. Previously, a wedding ceremony could be afforded by only a select group, today an opportunity for such a celebration is possible and affordable with our wedding agency which works harmoniously with our customers to reach their true satisfaction in the planning of this important event.

Wedding in Santorini

Santorini wedding

A wedding in Santorini is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Affordability and the individual approach built by our company has been contributing to incredible weddings for many years. Aside from the ceremony, lovers will be offered the best accomodations where they can stay until the end of their romantic journey. It is worth noting that most of the island’s hotels and inns are located in close vicinity of the shoreline, allowing the couple to wake up every day to the sound of the surf, to see splashing waves or beautiful mountains right outside their window, as well as breakfast on the terrace enjoying the fresh air and superb views. Do not forget about the unique hotels and villas located on the steep cliffs of the Caldera, offering stunning views of the volcano and the highest grade service. Cycladic architecture, which combines white volcanic geometric shapes with blue domed churches which create a unique atmosphere of infinite harmony.

Santorini and wedding

Santorini and weddings were made for each other, like two lovers who have decided to tie the knot.

This island has its fair share of romantic legends, as told to tourists and honeymooners by local guides. One such legend suggests that Santorini is a piece of the sunken Atlantis. Although this might be a myth that historians have been puzzled with for centuries, there is no arguing that Santorini is the most romantic place on earth. Another legend, attracting thousands of lovers is that of the patroness of Santorini – St. Irene (in whose honor and was named the island) protects all couples who dedicated themselves to each other with vows on the island and protects their marriage. The archaeological museums or churches Ayiu Mina and Panageya-Episkopi are perfect examples of the archaeological beauty of the island. And of course, do not forget about the many restaurants and beaches that are eagerly awaiting its guests and lovers. Our wedding agency “Oniro” would be a good partner and assistant in organizing the wedding of your dreams.

A few words about us

If someone asked me where I would want to spend one of the most important days of my life , I would of immediately responded- only on the island of Santorini! I am definitely not alone in this.

Thousands of brides from all over the world cherish the same dream: a magical island with an azure blue sky and snow-white traditional houses would be a delightful backdrop for an incredible wedding ceremony! No wonder the 2011 Santorini was one of the top ranking wedding destinations and arguably most romantic island on our beautiful planet. The view of the majestic frozen Caldera Volcano, warm gentle sea with the most beautiful sunsets in the world creates the right atmosphere for a wedding ceremony, renewal of vows, marriages proposals, and so on.

Patroness St. Irene, whose name blesses the island, protects and sanctifies all marriages that happens on its territory. We host more than a thousand churches, mostly family owned (private), which have hosted many weddings and Baptisms of infants.

Santorini is famed with a long history (Civilization Ancient Thera and Akrotiri Arheologik), beautiful beaches (Red, White and Black), a gastronomic journey into the world of traditional tastes and of course, Santorinian wine! Besides, the great Plato believed that if there was ever Atlantis, there is no better place for it to be than Santorini.

We have a family business on the island for weddings and other special occasions! We have lived on the island for over 13 years and worked without intermediaries and without employees! We are all engaged in the process, organizing and checking everything ourselves! This is incredibly valuable and important in the process of event production. We organize wedding ceremonies, provide professional photographers and videographers, florist services, make-up artists and hair stylists, provide assistance in selecting the site for the ceremony, and help calculate wedding budgets, as well as provide help with all the necessary paperwork preparation. We have ready-made wedding packages and of course, we can create an exclusive wedding proposal and call it with your name!

A few words about us …

After living on Santorini for more than ten years, we fall more in love with this amazing island every year.

Do not underestimate the breathtaking beauty of the island, it creates a unique backdrop for a wedding photo shoot. With our experience in providing VIP service, we guarantee you a personal approach to the preparation and execution of such an important event in your life. Family atmosphere, service without intermediaries (first-hand the locals), and of course, informational support from the first minute of your stay on the island is always taken into consideration and given top priority.

We wish you happiness!

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