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       We offer to your attention a few weddings packages on your choice, including the wide spectrum of services. And also you can create your own package, taking into account all your wishes. Certainly, we can create exclusive wedding suggestion and name him your name!

Grounds for the leadthrough of ceremony are not included in the cost of packages, because the lease of ground depends on the amount of persons and from time which it is reserved on. Some grounds for us on an island, for example Dana Villas leased minimum on 2 hours!


Talia. THALIA — is Muse of comedy. It enables to look at yourself outside, eventually to laugh above the errors, because a comedy is school of life, and we, playing the roles, can draw the positive morals which gradually from a theater will bring us over to the hidden deep heartfelt essence. Talia is possibility to get to know the cost of comedy and smile.


                                                                                       PACKAGE of KLIO                                                                                            

PACKAGE of KLIOKlio is Muse of history, it means a grandeur and glory and testifies what can attain person, helps to read a riddle of own choice, immortality, attained overcoming of the own limit. It was represented with a scroll and slate-pencil stick in hands.


PACKAGE of KALLIOPIKalliopi causes senseof oblatoryness, propulsive a man to overcome the egoism and fear before a fate. Kalliopi carries on a brow a gold crown which is a sign that it dominates above other muses, due to the ability to attach a man to the first steps on the way of his liberation.


PACKAGE of URANIA — Urania is Muse of astronomy. This Muse personifies force of contemplation, it calls us to abandon external chaos, in which a man is and to submerge in contemplation at majestic run of stars, which is the reflection of fate. It is force of cognition, force, which heaves up to mysterious, heaves up to high and wonderful, — to Sky and Stars.


PACKAGE of ERATO — Erato is Muse of lyrical poetry. The name of this Muse takes place on behalf of Eros, god of love. It is able to breathe in in the soul love to all above-ground by the art to transform everything in beauty, hiding outside physical.


PACKAGE of TERPSIHORA (for the church wedding)— Terpsihora is a muse of dance, opens people harmony between external and internal, by the soul and body.

                Vows Renewal                                                                                               Basic for the church

Learn what documents are necessary for the ceremonies can be.

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